Thursday, 4 September 2008


Based on some of the work that the other ePrincipals have been doing with LMS's and looking at work done by Mount Albert Grammer with the Myclasses LMS, I think I can see the potential this tool has for teaching, but I believe that certain conditions need to be met:
  1. Teachers need computers in their classrooms to allow for spontaneous and easy access to the technology.
  2. There needs to be school wide commitment to the establishment of effective pedagogy surrounding the use of LMS's and associated technologies.
  3. Students need to be shown how to work with the LMS, and the expectations surrounding its use.
  4. The LMS should not be used simply as a document repositry. It should be seen as a point of contact and collaboration and not simply a point of content. The use of complementary software such as hot potatoes, wikis, google docs, etc should form part of the strategy when working with, and developing lessons on an LMS.
  5. Teachers need to be clear about how the technology compliments and supports their practice.
  6. Teachers need to realise that making greater use of an LMS gives away control, but provides the opportunity to work alongside students instead of in front of them.
  7. We must accept that the way we work with students in this environment will change the way we teach. We also need to coach our students to be able to work within this environment, not necessarily the technical aspects, but the learning aspects.
Does the fact that this technology gives rise to any time, any where learning mean that it also gives rise to any time, any where teaching? How does this impact on how schools operate?

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