Monday, 1 September 2008

Picot Now - Comments on EHSAS

Keith McKenzie (Principal Tongariro School), directed me towards this website come Blog by an educationalist called Kelvin Smythe. Not being in NZ that long, I am unaware of the work of this person, but having read what he has to say about EHSAS and the use of ICT in education, I can definitely say that he challenges the popular trends in the name of education. Therefore he is a MUST read, even if it is simply to balance the unending barrage of need to's and have to's, surrounding ICT use and improving student achievement. One word of caution - he does go on a bit, so be prepared to give each article at least 20 minutes to read and digest

Check out his site, and this article called "Picot Now".
There is another good article called computers:battle lines which looks at computers in education

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