Monday, 8 September 2008

Ruapehu College - A school with a view

Today I have been at Ruapehu College. Unfortunately, the view is not like the one above as the wind is howling and the clouds are low. I still have another day here so will see what tomorrow brings. Things we have been looking at today include:

  • Needs analysis - Looking like Physics and Chemistry for L2/L3 and maybe Japanese.
  • 2009 VC subject offerings - L3 Accounting
  • LMS issues - Training - Look to make this a focus for term 4 and 2009
  • Presentation to the board - Preliminary set for 23 Sept. at 7:30 pm via VC
  • ICT vision and plan for 2009 - ongoing
  • Presentation to students/deans - Set for 8:45 on Sept. 11 via VC.
Also worked with teachers on downloading youtube videos for teaching purposes.


Leigh Ryland said...

Ive been here Conor!! Heres the proof. Will agree with what we talked about as well.

Fastpaddy said...


At last someone has looked at and commented on the blog.

Thanks Leigh

Leigh Ryland said...

Thanks Conor also for the information on Google' chrome. Keep a lookout on this one for me please!!