Monday, 22 September 2008

Video conferencing - critical success factors

Having given some thought to what factors will support our students when doing courses via VC, I have listed the following factors which I think impacts on the quality of learning:
  1. Quality teachers delivering the course.
  2. VC training for eteachers
  3. Time allowance for teachers to deliver the VC course. Guideline is 4 hours per week which includes the VC contact time.
  4. VC accepted as part of the mainstream school and not an add-on. i.e. VC courses are accepted as viable options to face to face classes.
  5. Good support for students at their school. The students have a learning centre to go to when not doing VC, so that they can get on with their course work; they have support from the eSupervisor and from their deans who monitor their academic progress.
  6. Students vetted for the ability to succeed in a distance learning environment. Students need to be fully aware of what doing a course via VC will entail. It is NOT an easy option.
  7. Good communication between the student and their eTeachers.
  8. Good communication between the eTeacher and the students' eSupervisor and deans.
  9. Student reports done every term by eTeachers
  10. Well organised eTimetable
  11. Regular meetings between ePrincipal, eTeachers and eSupervisors.
  12. Student and eTeacher feedback (done through survey).
  13. Parents understanding of the learning environment.
  14. Principal and board support for video conferencing. They need to see value in VC for the students at their school. Without this, most of the issues above will not happen

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