Monday, 1 December 2008

An eLearning vision

This is my attempt at linking pedagogy and ICT in an endeavour to provide an eLearning Vision for the Volcanics cluster.

What became clear to me as I put this powerpoint together was the non-sequential nature of learning, and the non-sequential nature of ICT integration and development. I have asked the question whether the ICT comes first, or the PD comes first. Michael Fullan suggests that they need to happen together, which makes sense - learning by doing. However this does not follow the business model of getting bang for buck or a return on ICT investment, where we first analyse the need, then purchase the asset based on the benefits (returns) of purchase. This begs the question - "How do we measure the return on investment in education, and therefore how do we measure the return on our investment in ICT?". The whole reason for the powerpoint is my perceived need for a cohesive approach to ICT integration across the cluster. Imagine my shock and horror, when I opened a random file on my computer this morning to find the Goals set for the old VolcanicsNet in March 2005. There are a huge number of similarities between what I am advocating now, and what was put forward in 2005. So my question is WHAT THE HELL HAVE WE BEEN DOING FOR THE LAST 3 YEARS?

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Sara Field said...

Hope all went well at the EHSAS meeting. Just had a look through your presentation. Yes it is similar to 3 years ago. That shows you are consistent. It seems the frustration is the lack of movement.
You have student data. Do you need to collect data on the staff in the Volcanics schools? confidence, understanding... wil and skill. I know EPS does that with ICT but maybe you need more big picture stuff. Are you familiar with surveymonkey?