Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Inter-connectivity - not just a problem in NZ

The MLE group have spent many hours and dollars on ensuring that SMS's and LMS's can talk to each other and allow content to be easily transferred between the various LMS's. On top of this has been added the desire for student and parent access to LMS and SMS data from home which has spawned the development of the parent portal. This is all new territory for NZ schools, teachers, students and parents, and many of us feel quite overwhelmed by the pressure to embark on a complete overhaul of our school systems to accommodate and implement these new technologies. Well, we are not alone. Have a read of this blog post by Christopher Dawson as he battles to implement inter-connectivity and parent portals in his school district


Darren Sudlow said...

This might sound slightly strange coming from me Conor, but to be completely honest I think the inter-connectivity thing is a complete waste of time and money.

I think the teachers that are using a range of web 2.0 tools rather than an LMS are on the right track. Web 2.0 allows a great deal of flexibility and means we can hook in and develop students' PLE's.

To me an LMS is institution focussed, which is not where we are heading (hopefully). Aren't we trying to personalise learning? I don't see how we can do that when we continue to try and perpetuate 20th century models of learning. I think the days of the LMS are numbered.

So where does that leave SMS/LMS integration? Waste of time.

And I am a Moodle user - go figure. (although I think it is the one LMS that will survive and evolve into something else...possibly)

Anyway - stop distracting me from enrolments and other exciting moving every single course on our Moodle over to the new one with Aorakinet!

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Leigh Ryland said...

I have to agree, the options available to us as teachers right now are either clunky or isolated or too expensive to buy into without any knowledge. Thank goodness for web2 tools that are free and allow us to upload stuff easily (as long as we are away from the school system I might add)